The World’s FIRST Coin Designed by AIShop NowThere’s been a lot of talk about the growing influence of Artificial Intelligence, or “AI” for short. While the potential ramifications of AI may seem distant and theoretical, the reality is that we’re already experiencing the impact of intelligent machines in our daily lives. Take this coin, for instance. It’s the world’s FIRST silver coin designed using Artificial Intelligence!Pay homage to what might be the future of numismatics with this 2023 1oz Silver AI Developed Brilliant Uncirculated bullion coin that combines the beauty of traditional craftsmanship with the cutting-edge power of artificial intelligence!First-Ever AI Developed Coin Designs!Both sides of the coin have been created utilizing AI and its idea of what a silver coin should look like. The obverse features a humanlike profile with cybernetics and various wiring decals. Meanwhile, the reverse depicts an eagle with its wings spread—familiar imagery featured throughout world bullion coins such as the American Silver Eagle and Australia’s Wedge Tailed Eagle. Contains 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silverStruck by the Pressburg Mint on behalf of the nation of Chad Features a gorgeous, Brilliant Uncirculated finishFirst-Ever AI designed coin!No more than 30,000 will ever be struck
The future is now! Score the 2023 Chad 5000 Francs One-Ounce Silver AI-Developed Coin—the first silver coin ever designed using Artificial Intelligence- for your collection today!Shop Now

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